Banana could be proper for these folks, find out how …

Desk. Bananas are counted amongst choose tasty and helpful fruits. By the way in which, there are various advantages of consuming it. However in some situations, consuming an excessive amount of of it could hurt your well being. So as we speak we’re telling you concerning the hurt brought on by banana. Let's know

Banana comprises pure sugar. However if you happen to take it in extra, it could trigger hurt. Taking an excessive amount of sugar can generally trigger complications and bother sleeping.

– Those that are chubby shouldn’t eat bananas as a result of they’ve excessive calorie content material and it will increase weight.

Consuming bananas makes the muscle tissues weak as a result of they comprise much less protein.


Bananas are wealthy in starch which may finally trigger tooth decay. These could be extra dangerous than chocolate, chewing gum or candies. Which causes extra injury to the tooth in any approach.

Bananas comprise fructose, so consuming an excessive amount of bananas may cause abdomen upset.

Banana comprises the amino acid tyrosine, which the physique converts to tyramine. Tyramine can set off migraine complications and ache. Consuming bananas will increase complications or migraines as a result of it comprises thyramine.


Consuming bananas cleans the abdomen, however the banana acid in bananas impacts the digestive system.

– Individuals who have bronchial asthma, they need to not devour bananas of their weight-reduction plan. It additionally results in irritation and allergy.

If the banana shouldn’t be cooked correctly, then there could also be an issue like vomiting with abdomen ache.

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