Palkova, often called the queen of sweets, Chhena Poda of Odisha and Malaiyo of Benaras at dwelling this …

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  • Palkova, Recognized As The Queen Of Sweets, Chhena Poda Of Odisha And Malaiyo Of Benaras At Dwelling This Diwali

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  • Palkova is also referred to as the South Indian Queen of Sweets.
  • In Oriya language, chena poda means burnt cheese

Right this moment is Diwali and with out sweets, no Indian competition might be full. So on Diwali as we speak, there will probably be such sweets which can be eaten throughout the chilly days. Meals Author and Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi Telling in regards to the 4 sweets of the nation ..

Palkova: It's known as the Queen of Sweets

This dessert is also referred to as the South Indian Queen of Sweets. The dessert is popularly often called Srivilliputhur, a small city about 80 km from Madurai in Tamil Nadu, identical to Agra Petha in North India. Palkova means misplaced.

Historically, this dessert is made in Mitti's handi. Nonetheless, as of late it’s made in a non stick pan or thick backside pan. To make Palkova primarily two issues are wanted – milk and sugar. To make it, it’s boiled in a pot of clay or milk in a wok, on low warmth, till it boils in half. In between, it is usually essential to stir and stir this milk in order that it doesn’t burn by sticking it within the pan.

After this, sugar is added as per the necessity. It’s then boiled till it’s about half. By this time it turns barely brown. Now it’s taken out in one other vessel. Some folks additionally add dry fruits to it to boost the style. What is ready is named 'Srivilliputhur Palkova'.

Chenna podas

Chhena poda

Chhena Poda: It’s dominated in Odisha from Durga Puja to Diwali.

It’s the fundamental dessert of Odisha. In Odia language, chena poda means burnt factor. The principle components are chenna, sugar, rava and a few ghee. Some folks additionally add dry fruits akin to almonds, cashews, raisins. It’s cooked by mixing sugar with chena and semolina, till the entire chena turns into reddish brown in shade.

Historically, to make it, the chisel and its combination are formed like a cake and wrapped nicely in sal leaves. It’s then cooked in a wooden or coal furnace for 2 to a few hours. These days, folks make it of their properties in a traditional oven or strain cooker.

In Odisha it’s usually made throughout Durga Puja and Diwali. The credit score for inventing the chenna cake goes to Sudarshan Sahu, the proprietor of a confectionery retailer in Nayagarh, Odisha.



Malayo: The most well-liked dessert in Banaras throughout the chilly season

It’s a particular dessert of Banaras. Nonetheless, it’s not often made on Diwali, as it’s principally made when there’s large chilly. The principle function in that is that of chilly dew drops. In Benares, Malayo is normally discovered earlier than 11 o'clock within the morning, as a result of its froth stays solely within the cool of the morning.

Because the coolness decreases, the foams additionally disappear and with out the froth it has no style. The method of getting ready Malayo is sort of lengthy. First uncooked milk is boiled for a very long time in a giant iron cauldron.

Then the boiled milk is stored below the open sky in a single day in order that dew can fall on it. Milk is churned at daybreak, in order that it may possibly produce good foam. Sugar, saffron, pistachio, nuts, cardamom and so forth. are added to this foam. Simply bought prepared. Then it’s provided by adorning it with clay ax or small items.



Pinni: This Punjabi dessert retains the physique heat in winter

It’s a particular dessert of Punjab. It’s normally constituted of flour. Nonetheless, many individuals additionally make it with moong or urad dal. Dry fruits, parsley and sesame are added to it. Pinny's heat is scorching. Subsequently, particularly throughout the chilly days after Diwali, it’s made and eaten in order that the physique will get heat. Should you preserve the pinni in an air tight container, it doesn’t spoil for lengthy.

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